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"Soft Prof" is a software development company. We offer solutions for small businesses, and large organizations. We provide tools to create and manage large databases of state-level data.

Our staff until 2014. also worked at the Yerevan Research Institute of Mathematical Machines, in a separate laboratory and our major state projects carried out during this time period.

Recently, our development include the creation of tools that enable the design and management of new databases, as well as modifying existing:

DataArm Framework

DataArm Framework is a software platform (Data provider collector), technology tools and functionality that deliver specific identity management, simple use a different database type (Oracle, PostgreSql, MySql, Linter, etc., as well as NoSql Leviathan-Vostan database) from client applications, regardless of the system in which they are designed.
DataArm Framework provides the user with such language features and functionality that ensure the functioning of independence in the performance of specific tasks between client applications and the business processes implemented in the database. Software running on application server and provide communications between client applications and the business processes in the database. Business process in the database is carried out on a certain scenario.
To describe the scenarios developed a special language. The interpreter of the language is designed as a web service, which allows execution of scripts on the database and return the results. Exchange client-server data is carried out by appropriate using the SOAP standard.
This approach makes it possible with little effort to influence the business processes in the database, it is easy to add new scenarios or replace, easy way to make the transition from one database type to another database type. In particular. DataArm Framework toolkit enables also change the type of database systems, data ready, work is currently (from Oracle to PostgreSql, MySql, Linter, or Leviatan-Vostan respectively changing the database structure and implement data migration). In this case, the client program will be offered such features that will ensure creation of database queries and processing the results. In particular, for the implementation of a business process in a database, the script can be used, for example, a ready-made working Sql expression.

Our projects


State Population Registry (2005)

It includes all the functions of a passport system.

The system provides automatic operation of all regional passport divisions, provides registration and issuance of passports and visa procedures.

The State data base contains data, on each resident, who lives in Republic of Armenia. The system generates an individual personal identification number, which is considered to be the ID Key of that person for all databases for infants, a birth certificate number is generated at that time.

The system provides a standard population state register web services to provide personal information for all departments. Data exchange is made in accordance with the SOAP standards.

State System of the Registr of voters RoA (2006)

Database System State voter register is based on the database State register of population. The system generates and uses a standard database of addresses and names of the territorial units of the republic, a database describing the constituencies and regions. On the basis of the database State register of population forms the electoral lists of citizens having the right to participate in elections. The system provides a variety of data processing functions, including registration notices to each voter on the date of election and location polling station, as well as the placement of electoral lists on the Internet.
DataArm Framework was used to develop a system.

State System data collection and processing of government institutions ministry of health of Armenia (2002 - 2009)

The system is designed to create a database and automation electronic data processing outpatient and hospital facilities, for further collection and analysis of regional and national agencies of the Ministry of Health of Armenia. It focuses on the effective management of health services and the public funding of healthcare.

The system was implemented in all clinics and hospitals in the country, regional and central agencies of Health, who are engaged in the management and control of state order for health care.
In 2003 the system was awarded the State Prize of the President of Armenia.

State system of traffic police RoA (2010 -2014)

It includes three subsystems:
1. Subsystem of vehicle registration: registration, re-registration, deregistration, the automated preparation and printing of the relevant certificates.
2. The subsystem of automatic test to obtain a driver's license, preparation, printing and accounting for driving licenses.
3. The subsystem of accounting and data processing protocols on administrative offenses (traffic violations) and road traffic incident.

The system provides automation of the work of all departments of traffic police of Armenia.

Payment Terminal System - CashPro

The terminal is a cash box for the user, with the possibility of entering and withdrawing money, The system enables to make payments from terminals, different shopping in web stores, phone charging, voucher purchase, bets execution (Effebet, casino ...)

Now the system is operated in the Netherlands.